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Why the Future Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Today, there’s a lot of talk about automated/autonomous vehicle technologies and, if you were to believe the pundits (and those beholden to venture capitalists), we’ll be riding around in driverless cars and trucks within the next 5-10 years...

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Why truckers are still needed

Why are drivers going to be around for longer than the technologically roaring 2020s? A few reasons come to mind...

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Thoughts on Future Autonomy – A Starting Point?

Like many of you, I’ve been thinking a lot about autonomous trucks, cars, and some of the implications of these rapidly advancing technologies for our industry.

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The Importance of a Properly Greased Slack Adjuster

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Improving Performance and Brake Life through Proper Preventive Maintenance

Paying attention to a few key details during a routine brake job can have a major impact on keeping trucks on the road, reducing maintenance costs, and improving safety.

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Advice on Choosing, Inspecting and Installing Remanufactured Parts

Selecting quality remanufactured parts begins with the right sourcing – knowing what to look for, and knowing what questions to ask the parts supplier.

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Learn about Brake School

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Truck Talk with Bendix

Listen in to the Bendix perspective on key industry topics.

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Position Papers

The Fleet Safety Equation (Part 1)

The Fleet Safety Equation framework provides a starting point for thinking about fleet safety in its entirety, enabling an open conversation to develop an optimal solution that fits the needs or operating profile of a particular fleet.

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‘Genuine’ Products are Critical to Highway Safety

For Bendix, leading the battle against counterfeit and knock-off parts is key to ensuring the performance of safety technologies.

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A Commitment to Environmental Leadership

Bendix continues to develop technology solutions that promote cleaner air, reduce fuel usage, and ensure progress toward a new generation of cleaner vehicles.

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